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TM1 Database Solution Launched!
Success often brings complexity to financial reporting. TM1 is a multi dimensional database that enables data management and consolidation across one or more platforms. This tool enhances the budgeting and forecasting functions of any size company.

Tax Season Is Here
Dotun and Casserly provides tax preparation services for individuals and corporate clients. We can bring your taxes up to date and prepare the right strategy for future years.

Donor Management Database Launched!
For churches and other non-profits, it can be a real challenge to track contributions and provide receipts donors need for their own records. In order to comply with Federal and State laws, Dotun and Casserly has developed a simple to use MS Access database that handles all record keeping and reporting for contributions. Training and ongoing support is available.

Financial Modeling
Dotun and Casserly now provides financial modeling services. Financial models are a vital tool that enhance the decision making process. New organizations require a financial model to be incorporated into their business plans. Existing organizations may need to evaluate the profitability of a new product or service.

Web Services Now Available

Dotun and Casserly is pleased to now provide web design, deployment and maintenance. Contact us today to discuss your website needs.